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Ferrous sulfate
Product name Ferrous sulfate
Product name Ferrous sulfate
Alias Duroferon; Feosol; Fer-In-Sol; Iron monosulfate; Sulfuric Acid, Iron (2+) Salt (1:1); Ferrous sulphate; IRON (II) SULFATE
CAS RN 7720-78-7
EINECS No. 231-753-5
Molecular formula FeSO4
Molecular weight 151.9087
Properties Blue-green monoclinic crystal or particle, no odor.
Uses In producing ferric salts, iron oxide pigments, mordants, purifiers, preservatives, etc.
Ferrous sulfate
Alias Ferrous sulfate
Product name Iron(II) sulfate
Molecular formula FeSO4
Molecular weight 278.01
Properties Blue-green monoclinic crystal, no odor. Specific gravity is 1.898. Melting point is 64℃, refractive index is 1.471, 1.478, 1.486. Easily soluble in water, soluble in absolute methanol, slightly soluble in ethyl alcohol.
Specifications Refined grade
Content,%≥ 96-99%
Maximum impurity content (% ):
Water insoluble matter 0.1
Chloride (Cl) 0.015
Phosphate (PO4)  
Manganese (Mg)  
High iron (Fe)  
Copper (Cu)  
Zinc (Zn)  
Arsenic (As)  
Non-sludging to ammonium hydroxide (sulfate):
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